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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

no whammy! No Whammy! NO WHAMMY!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Get up at 5:30.

Go to school.

Leave at lunch.

Finish getting packed.

Go to the airport.

Probably get searched by security since I'm always the unlucky one.

I hate airports.

But after it is all over I'll be in Hawaii with my family. Which should be fun. I just wish Rachel could come. Awh well. One day.

So, even though the only person that reads this is a disgruntled, Bob Marley-looking 7 foot tall teenager, I'll have to apologize to you in advance since I may not be posting as much while I'm gone.

I will have my laptop, but who knows what will happen. I probably will just be too tired to post anything. Not that you care. But if you do, deal with it.

Maybe instead of every night while in Hawaii, I'll just create a new routine of writing a bit in my novel.


Sounds like a grand idea.

Maybe I'll fit a couple of these things in between. About what I'm doing and stuff. I'll post pitures (Spelling mistake on purpose dedicated to Mrs. Gomez), so don't worry Kayjuh.

Well, see ya around.

Oh yeah.

I wanna see that Mexican Bird movie.

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