Sunday, April 3, 2011


This feels weird.

Feels like I haven't done this in a looooonnggggg time.

At least I've been keeping up on my novel, though.

So this is day four in Hawaii. Nothing that interesting has happened. But I'm still having a great time.

I'll give you a run-down on what I've been up to so far:

Thursday: Arrived here at around 7:30 (10:30 in California, so I was exhausted) and of course it took forever for our luggage to show up. It always does. That's why I hate airports. Then we got our Chevrolet Malibu rental car (SO SMALL, I couldn't fit all our luggage in the trunk) and drove an hour to our hotel, The Whaler. We met up with my grandparents (who own a condo here) and my aunt, uncle, and cousins. The rest of the night we just ate food and that's about it. I went to sleep at 1 o'clock. Hawaii time.

Friday: I woke up at 5:30, still used to waking up at that time for school, even though it was at Hawaii time. So that was weird. Me and my cousin, Stevan, went snorkeling for about an hour around Black Rock, the known jumping rock around here, and just saw the usual fish, nothing special. Then, we walked around the Whaler's Village, which is like a mall, went back to my room, and basically did nothing after that.

Saturday: Yesterday was my favorite day so far. I woke up at 7:30, my favorite time to wake up, normal time. Right away, me and Stevan went boogie-boarding on huge waves and got trampled. But it was fun. Then, we ate at my favorite restaurant here, The Hula Grill. So good. I had fish and chips, and a huge ice cream sandwich. After that, the whole family walked around the Whaler's Village, and my mom got me a new rash guard and a shirt. And I got Rachel a couple of gifts. That night, we had pizza.

Ugh, I can never escape it.

But to top it all off, I Skyped with Rachel. The best. But it made me miss her even more.

Sunday: So far, the day looks like it's gonna be great. I just want to go on a rainforest hike.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

no whammy! No Whammy! NO WHAMMY!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Get up at 5:30.

Go to school.

Leave at lunch.

Finish getting packed.

Go to the airport.

Probably get searched by security since I'm always the unlucky one.

I hate airports.

But after it is all over I'll be in Hawaii with my family. Which should be fun. I just wish Rachel could come. Awh well. One day.

So, even though the only person that reads this is a disgruntled, Bob Marley-looking 7 foot tall teenager, I'll have to apologize to you in advance since I may not be posting as much while I'm gone.

I will have my laptop, but who knows what will happen. I probably will just be too tired to post anything. Not that you care. But if you do, deal with it.

Maybe instead of every night while in Hawaii, I'll just create a new routine of writing a bit in my novel.


Sounds like a grand idea.

Maybe I'll fit a couple of these things in between. About what I'm doing and stuff. I'll post pitures (Spelling mistake on purpose dedicated to Mrs. Gomez), so don't worry Kayjuh.

Well, see ya around.

Oh yeah.

I wanna see that Mexican Bird movie.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

500 Days of Dumber.

Here I am once again "trying to think of something witty."

What can I say? I'm just a "beeyotch with a blog."

I think I'm getting sick. Does anyone have any "ghost medicine" to halp me?

Oh god this is terrible.

So much for "marathon training"...

All I'm want to accomplish is to "unleash the lava of my heart."

This is a bad one.

I'm sorry.



My eyes hurt. My computer won't let me upload any pictures, which are the only interesting thing about my blogs. So this one pretty much sucks.



Monday, March 28, 2011

A Monday Dedicated to Shigeo.

Since I never know what to write about, tonight I'll write about someone who inspired me what to write about.

Takeda Shigeo.

Today he told me, "Why is it that you only write 'I don't know what to write about' in your blogs?"

I had a very specific answer for him: I really never know what to write about.

But tonight I thank Shigeo because he gave me something to write about: Writing about not knowing what to write about.

I don't think about what to write during the day. I mean, sometimes I do, but I try not to because when it comes to bloggin' I just want to go freestyle.

Wait, that came out wrong.


I guess, Shigeo, that my mind is just so blank that I truly just never know what to write about. So I apologize that I am boring you. But I do thank you for inspiring me what to write about tonight.

Even though it's about nothing.

This one's for you Holly Kim, cousin of Jesse Kim. SLEEP ON YOUR OWN TIME.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Run Faster Boys.

Tonight was the last night I worked before I go to Hawaii. It seems like it's my last day forever.  Seems like it. They cut one of my days.

So mad.

But anyway, today I started thinking about a new routine that involves running. I've thought about it before, running every morning or night, but I never do it.

I wish I wasn't lazy. I wish I would just get up off my butt and just start running.

First I need some running shoes. Not the running shoes in Pokemon. Although those are pretty handy. Running in Vans gives me blisters.

I don't really have anything interesting to write anymore. I think I'm just getting boring. I need to do something with my life.

I write. Barely.

What am I gonna do with barely writing?

I can write more. I'm gonna try to write while I'm in Hawaii. But I don't think that will happen.

Eh, Roy just needs a happy ending.

Oh yeah, I asked Andrew Smith to write me a letter of recommendation for a scholarship I'm entering. I've never had one of those written for me. I don't even know what to expect. He'll probably just make it a horrible, cruel joke. Just kidding Mr. Smith, you're a pretty alright guy.

I think.

Ugh, well I guess I'll go to sleep now.

I'll miss you pizza.

Um... I take that back.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Ode to a Female.

I always catch myself looking at other couples and feeling sorry for them because you can just tell they won't last. Now, I'm pretty sure people look at my girlfriend and I, thinking the same thing, and I know people hate when teenage couples say they'll get married, but I know it's gonna happen.

To be completely honest.

And I always think about how I was 14 and told myself love wasn't real and I'd never find someone.

Now I just laugh at myself. Sure, I've only been in this relationship for only 10 months, but you just know sometimes.

And sometimes is right now.

Sorry for getting all mushy with this blog, if you're feeling nauseous there's a bag under your seat.

Just spending today with her made me appreciate what she does for me, how she treats me, and that she puts up with me. Because she does a lot, is really great, and I know I'm a handful. So, just, thank you.

For everything.

I love you, Rachel Smith.

Friday, March 25, 2011

"He's a Pizza Boy. He's a Handsome Boy. He's Just a Boy."

So tonight I almost forgot to post something. I just got back from work and being too tired almost forced me to just go to bed and forget about my routine thing I have going on here. And I think my routine is going pretty well.

But if I broke my routine, then that would create a whole new routine of thinking it's okay to just skip your routine.

A routine that breaks your routine, thus creating a whole new routine of breaking your previous routine, whilst keeping on making new routines?

I think I've been eating too much pizza.

Well, my eyes are straining and I don't really have anything else that's interesting to write. Not that it even matters. The only person that reads this is me. But I don't even re-read it.

So that doesn't count.

I don't think I'm posting anything brilliant yet, MR. SMITH.