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Friday, March 25, 2011

"He's a Pizza Boy. He's a Handsome Boy. He's Just a Boy."

So tonight I almost forgot to post something. I just got back from work and being too tired almost forced me to just go to bed and forget about my routine thing I have going on here. And I think my routine is going pretty well.

But if I broke my routine, then that would create a whole new routine of thinking it's okay to just skip your routine.

A routine that breaks your routine, thus creating a whole new routine of breaking your previous routine, whilst keeping on making new routines?

I think I've been eating too much pizza.

Well, my eyes are straining and I don't really have anything else that's interesting to write. Not that it even matters. The only person that reads this is me. But I don't even re-read it.

So that doesn't count.

I don't think I'm posting anything brilliant yet, MR. SMITH.



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