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Saturday, March 26, 2011

An Ode to a Female.

I always catch myself looking at other couples and feeling sorry for them because you can just tell they won't last. Now, I'm pretty sure people look at my girlfriend and I, thinking the same thing, and I know people hate when teenage couples say they'll get married, but I know it's gonna happen.

To be completely honest.

And I always think about how I was 14 and told myself love wasn't real and I'd never find someone.

Now I just laugh at myself. Sure, I've only been in this relationship for only 10 months, but you just know sometimes.

And sometimes is right now.

Sorry for getting all mushy with this blog, if you're feeling nauseous there's a bag under your seat.

Just spending today with her made me appreciate what she does for me, how she treats me, and that she puts up with me. Because she does a lot, is really great, and I know I'm a handful. So, just, thank you.

For everything.

I love you, Rachel Smith.

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  1. Love, thats a funny thought. I'm with 14 year old you on this one. I haven't found it... so in my book it doesn't exist.