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Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Last Bowling Night Before Spring Break.

Thursday night, you know what that means....

Okay, probably not.

It's Bowling Night! See how I capitalized the beginning letters of those two words? Yeah.

That's because it's special.

Next Thursday, I leave for Maui, Hawaii, which is where I'll be spending the entire Spring Break with my family. I'm not sure where I'd be able to find a bowling alley in Hawaii, but even if I did, it just wouldn't be the same. Besides, they probably bowl with coconuts.

Ha. Yeah, not really funny.

I hope you like how I'm dedicating this entire post to bowling.

I once told my friend, Trevin Smith, a very important life lesson about bowling. I think it changed his whole perspective on life. It is that bowling is all about second chances. And, in my opinion, that is completely true.

Unless you're on the last frame and get two strikes in a row. Then you get a third chance. But that rarely happens (I've actually done it quite a few times, just sayin').

Well I smell dinner on the table and hear that triangle instrument thing and my mom yelling,  "Supper!"

So I better go.

Woah, did I really just write for two hours?! No, Mr. Smith, I DIDN'T.

After dinner I'm going to go practice my curve ball. Don't bowl with us. You'll end up being hurt.

Yeah. That's how we roll. I mean bowl.

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