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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First For Realziez Blog Post. Fo' Realz.

Well, I guess you can say this is my first blog ever since my other one was just an introductory to how I am going to blog.

Geez, I suck at this.

So probably around this time every night... once I'm done brushing my teeth and washing my face and what not... I'll write a lil' summin summin for all y'all.

Sorry, got into my dad's country side for a second there.

Alright, so as the Writer's Club already knows, I'm working on my first fo' realziez novel ever. It's about a troubled teenager (Yeah, yeah, so mainstream, I know) named Roy. He lost his best friend in a car accident a year prior to the present.

And his best friend, Ethan, follows him around as a ghost and just sort of looks out for Roy. It doesn't really sound too interesting, but I think I'm doing a pretty good job to where the novel is headed.

I'm not conceited, I swear.

I entered the first five chapters to the Scholastic Young Writer's Contest. Didn't win.

Oh well, I'm waiting on the Mrs. Nelson's Contest results. Fingers crossed.

Okay, I feel really self-conscious right now because I picture someone reading this saying to themselves, "Seriously, I don't care what this stuck-up brat has to say about what he intends to write."

I mean, that would be the case if someone actually read this.

Better off to stay anonymous.

For now.


Oh sorry,


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